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Trusted Online Casino Malaysia Agent

Choose the Most Reliable Online Casino Malaysia Agent

Always getting cheated by online casino Malaysia agent? It’s really not easy to get a reliable one that will compensate you for winnings all the time. There are many scammers nowadays.

However, it doesn’t mean this is the end of story. There is a way to change this situation – learn how to pick a trusted online casino Malaysia agent, carefully.

Here are some of the most important tips when you’re picking an online casino agent for your own:

  • Operating history: Does it exist in the market long enough to offer trustworthiness? Most of the time, dishonest online casino agent will die out very quickly, probably 3 months after incorporation. Any online casino company with operating history more than 3 years could be shortlisted.
  • Rating and review: Is it a highly rated online casino agent? There are several online casino review sites where you can gain such insights, namely Ministry of Gambling and Casinosearch88. Find out how’s the rating. Some online casino players might also leave some negative feedbacks, should there be any fraudulent acts performed by the online casino agent.
  • Extraordinary high free bonus payout: Is the online casino agent offering super high bonus payout? You gotta be extra careful if that’s the case. They don’t usually offer any free promotion more than 100% welcome bonus, because that will impose high risk on their winning rate. If somebody is offering 300% welcome bonus, they probably just want to cheat your money,
  • Only play with licensed online casino agent: There are many slot game brands in the Malaysia, each of them only issue a few licenses to the local online casino operators. Nonetheless, there are countless sub agents in the market doing the business. This is why we will talk about some of the licensed online casino agents for each product, in the later part.
  • Start playing with small bet amount: Do not deposit big fat cash to your first-time-dealing online casino agent. You should start testing their trustworthiness by placing small amount deposit at the beginning, then only slowly increase over time alongside growing confidence.

You can largely reduce your risk from dishonest online casino agent, after mastering all the skills above. This will help to improve your chances of getting rich over the long-term.

Why Is It So Important to Pick a Trusted Online Casino Agent?

Statistically, there is 6 out of 10 online casino players in Malaysia facing problems with dishonest online casino agents. This number is unbelievable. So, you would most likely lose your money not to slot games, but to some unknown scammers, if you don’t do proper research before placing your bets.

Some people might not care about the money cheated by scammers. Let me put it this way, imagine what would it happen, if you have 30% extra betting capital to play slot games? Will it increase your chances of winning? Hell yes!

These could be the money that brings you great fortune. Sometimes, even an extra spin might offer you the opportunity to strike progressive jackpots. As the old saying goes:” the larger your betting capital, the higher your chances to become rich”.

Therefore, it is of greatest importance to have a trusted online casino Malaysia agent to bet with. Congratulation if you have already found one. Else, you could always refer to our recommendations for some of the most popular slot game brands in Malaysia.

918KISS – The King of Slot Games

Undoubtedly, 918KISS is the No.1 mobile slot game brand in Malaysia. Despite its shutdown in the month of September this year, things have pretty much resumed back to the old days ever since its return two months later.

Together with MEGA888, another top mobile slot game which we will be talking later, the two largest online slot game brands command about 80% of the local market share. Well, scams usually happen in these two brands as well.

The truth is, there are only 5 license online casino operators to offer 918KISS in Malaysia, except other South East Asia countries. One of these is the largest 918KISS online casino agent in Malaysia – BigChoySun. I bet many of you have already heard of this long-time online casino company in Malaysia. It is actually the first licensed agent for 918KISS. Given its long operating history as well as great market reputation in the local online gambling industry, one can basically relax and sit down to play 918KISS with BigChoySun.

MEGA888 – The New Rising Star

MEGA888 is another highly 918KISS-like slot game, which was only introduced to the market in 2018. It is considered pretty new in the market. However, it is also one of the most played mobile slot games in Malaysia.

One of the factors driving its success could be attributed to the retreat of 918KISS in September 2019, which caused a surge in number of players for MEGA888. It even became the No.1 slot game during the few months’ time, before 918KISS returning to the market.

Although it’s still new, it is also pretty much simple to get yourself a reliable MEGA888 online casino agent. This is thanks to the fact that there is only one licensed MEGA888 agent to date – Kapten Cuci. You must be curious why there is only one licensed agent. This is in fact part of the headquarter’s strategic decision to ensure the quality of their master agent. Kapten Cuci has gone through both qualitative and quantitative tests before getting the right to be MEGA888’s sole master agent in Malaysia.

Today, Kapten Cuci has become the most trusted online casino agent in Malaysia. All of the online casino companies who claim they are offering MEGA888 game ID, are actually sub agents of Kapten Cuci.

PUSSY888 – The Sexiest Mobile Slot Game Ever

It’s believed that PUSSY888 is the best designed mobile slot game in the history of Malaysian online casino industry. It is beautiful, modern, and also comes with a handful of great slot game features.

Nonetheless, it is not as great as 918KISS or MEGA888, mainly due to its winning payout. It’s not easy for players to win money from PUSSY888 given its winning payout structure. What you can enjoy is its endless amazing experience in user interface. It will definitely blow your mind.

Given its lower popularity, there are about 10 authorised online casino operators who are allowed to offer PUSSY888 game service in Malaysia, one of which is Kapten Cuci. Again, Kapten Cuci has successfully secured the exclusive rights to offer PUSSY888, in the first quarter of 2019. Not only Malaysia, it can also offer such game service in other regional countries, for example, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, and also Brunei.

The Second 918KISS – XE88

Many players mistakenly take XE88 as 918KISS. They are just so alike. In fact, the game developers of XE88 duplicated 918KISS inside out. It’s meant to replace 918KISS in the event that the latter was to shut down during special circumstances. Given high similarity in the slot game design as well as spinning features, XE88 is very popular amongst the local online gambling community.

However, it never issue any operating license to anyone in Malaysia. Most of the online casino agents offering XE88 today are all sub agents. So, you can’t get to locate a authorised master agent. Notwithstanding the above, you can always pick a trusted sub agent to play XE88, just like how we taught you to pick reliable online casino agent at the beginning of this article.

SCR888 – A Forgotten Slot Game Brand

Almost every slot game players in Malaysia know about the existence of SCR888. It is actually the predecessor of 918KISS, designed by the same game developer team. It was supposed to be terminated after the introduction of 918KISS. The headquarter somehow changed their mind and continue to keep this brand. It remains highly popular in the Malaysian online slot game industry.

During the old days, SCR888 issued more operating licenses as compared to those slot game brands today. There were about 20 over licensees in Malaysia. Nevertheless, there is always one master operating licensees who always win the award as the best SCR888 online casino agent every year – Mr. Ong Online Casino Malaysia. Mr. Ong stands out simply due to its operating history, customer service quality, deposit and withdrawal speed, as well as guaranteed payout for big wins. It’s not easy to win that award on an annual basis, given that there is a long list of stringent requirements which you need to fulfil before getting the award.

Additional Tips for You to Win More

Well, we have already taught you how to pick good online casino agents in Malaysia. Now, we’re gonna share with you some of the secret tips of winning more in slot games.

Each of the slot game brands above have their own game engine. It is coded by highly skilled game developers in algorithms. Winning payout algorithm is the secret path to eternal success. People who get to figure out the algorithm, they get rich, filthy rich.

It’s hardly believed that there were actually few people in the past who have sorted out the calculations. One of them is Pak Adit, the famous founder of 918KISS. He was the one who sorted out the calculation of Playtech’s slot games, then he went on to design most of the slot games for SCR888.

How could he build such a big online gambling empire by himself? As a matter of fact, he hacked into Playtech’s slot games and won a windfall profits of about RM100million, before Playtech finding out there is a loophole in their game engine. This is how Pak Adit got his funding capital for building SCR888.

The question is, how to understand the algorithms?

Well, there is a way to decrypt the algorithms (which we will be talking about in the next post), and the decryption result would be something like:


“+” = win, “-” = lose, “#” = free spin, and “*” = minor jackpot. This is how we read the patterns. So, once you can read the pattern, then you can predict what betting result would most likely come out during next spin, therefore increase or decreasing your bet amount.

This is how pro slot game players make their fortune from slot games. Whoever master this skill will continue to make endless profits, until the company itself finds out and change the encryption method.


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