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Three Kingdoms Slot Game | SCR888 Online Slots | Online Casino Malaysia

SCR888 Online Casino

SCR888 is an online gambling site in the Asia. SCR888 casino had become one of the most popular online casino in the Malaysia. They having about million active players daily to enjoy their games. The SCR888 casino is offering three types of the casino games – slot games, table games and arcade games. Their slot game products are the most famous and popular in their gambling site. As they provided progressive jackpot and high winning payout into their slot games, these two points had attracted many players enjoy the games of SCR888 casino. It is great to play with the SCR888 online casino.

Three Kingdoms Slot Game

Three Kingdoms slot is one of the most famous slot game in the SCR888 casino. It is containing 9 lines slot with the progressive jackpot. The game is pay to a winning combination from the left to right and/ or right to left. Which is the great opportunity for the players to win more from the game, this situation is not offered by other slot games and it is the rare feature of both sides winning combination counting. That’s why most of the players like to play Three Kingdoms slot.
Three Kingdoms slot is designed with the ancient true story of China. It is the war about three kingdoms fight for the land and power. When you come into the Three Kingdoms slot, you able to meet some main characters of Three Kingdoms. This will be a great experience to understand more about the Chinese true story.

Story of Three Kingdoms

Three Kingdoms’ war starts from AD220-280, which there three kingdoms had the war about 60 years. There three kingdoms have occupied the land in the China, they are the Cao Wei, Chu Han and Dong Wu. Three of them have the strongest power in the China, but they want to protect their citizen and war to occupied for the whole China to gain the greatest power. It is the great ancient war story.
When you come across the Three Kingdoms slot, you are able to meet the Sun Shang Xiang, Guan Yu, Zhu Ge Liang, Liu Bei. Those are the characters in the Three Kingdoms war even in the Three Kingdoms slot game become the symbol of the game. Besides, they including the bow and arrow, lupine fan and the horse become the lowest value symbol of the games. Those characters are the higher value symbol than the equipment symbol.
Nevertheless, the highest value symbol of the games is the Chinese seal stone, Chinese Weapon and three flags of the kingdoms. The Chinese seal stone is the symbol presented as the jackpot, it is easy to win x1,000 times when five kinds of this symbols appear in the winning combination with both sides counting. It is just kidding, the jackpot is not that easy to win.

Wild and Scatter Symbol of Three Kingdoms Slot Game

Another two highest value symbols are the wild and scatter symbol. The wild symbol is referring to the Three Flags. It is used to make the substitution for all symbols except the scatter symbol. Wild substitution in order to help to join a combination easily before the prizes are an award. Some more when the wild replicated, the prizes will x2 from the winning payout. Conclude, the wild allow the player easily win a combination.
The scatter symbol is referring to the Chinese Weapon. It doesn’t offer any winning odd, but it is the bonus symbol. It will trigger the bonus game when greater than or equal to 3 Chinese Weapon symbols.

Bonus Game Feature

This bonus game is referring to a part of the war. In the war, period the Guan Yu General’s mission is to protect a woman to a destination. On the way to the destination, the Guan Yu General had killed five generals in five different gates. In the end, he had complete his mission.
When the player come into Bonus Game of Three Kingdoms, the player will have the opportunity of the big win from the game. The Bonus Game will play automatically. There will be five symbols with different odds up to x20 and five gates with the odds up to x300. In the bonus game, the light will stop in one symbol to collect the prizes. The games play will unlimited until the light on the EXIT symbol and player will collect the total win return to the main game.

Fever Game

The Fever Game of Three Kingdoms is really crazy, it is able to ultra-super big win from the game. As the prizes will award up to x5,000 when the symbol covered full of the screen. In order to trigger the Fever Game feature, the screen needs to appear four same symbols on each 4 corners at the same time. Once trigger the fever game, the player able to win slowly until the screen had covered by all same symbols and the fever game will come to end. In short, the prize will award each spin during fever game until full of a screen had covered, each spin will count as normal line win and the full symbol covered will award up to x5,000. It is really super crazy bonus game ever.


The Three Kingdoms not just had the great war story, it also has a great slot game in SCR888 online casino. Have you triggered the bonus games like Fever Games in Three Kingdoms slot? If not, why not play the Three Kingdoms Slot in SCR888 online casino and crazy win from the games.
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