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A Journey to Win the Random Jackpot from SCR888 Online Casino

SCR888 Casino

SCR888 is a famous and highly popularity Online Gambling Site in the Malaysia. SCR888 Casino is the longest online casino operation industry which about 10 years’ experience in the Asia market. With the products of the SCR888 casino, they are the table games, slot games, and the arcade games. With those three types of the casino games in the SCR888 casino, it has more than a hundred choices in their gambling site. So, you will never get bored from the SCR888 casino.
The SCR888 casino is that famous in the Malaysia market, due to SCR888 casino is offering the highest payout rate of winning games. Some more they offer the greatest slot games with the higher winning odds and the progressive jackpot slot, which we called as the random jackpot.
The jackpot of the SCR888 Casino is known as an extra jackpot for the players to trigger, but only a player of SCR888 casino able to win the jackpot. The jackpot is not represented by any symbols, additionally, the jackpot is not inserted into every slot games of the SCR888 casino only certain slot games will do.
In order to win the random jackpot from the SCR888 casino, it must be some way to do it. Through my experience, I had won the slot game’s  jackpot twice last week. As I try to do research for random jackpot so many. Here I will like to share my experience for the SCR888 casino’s players.

Maximize the Wager to Each Line.

Wagering maximum bet to each line, this strategy I had found from the internet so many times. But it is used, imagine the business will allow the highest investment person to get the greatest award return, not one will allow the small investment to get the huge return. The small investment and get the return with the greatest award, the organizer is making the loss business. Similar concept to win the jackpot, merely maximize wagering on each line to win the jackpot.
For example, Great Blue slot having 25 lines. For the game’s rule, a maximum coin value is $5.00 and each line able to insert one coin. So, in order to win the Great Blue slot’s random Jackpot, you must bet $5 to each line of the slot to trigger the jackpot prizes.

Stay with an Agent of SCR888 Online Casino

Thru trying to win a random jackpot, you must have the capital to effort the loss. When the issue occurs, it may be someone of SCR888 players had triggered the random jackpot early than you. That’s is not only you are doing the same thing, there are about million active players of the SCR888 casino daily.
It may be not your turn to win the jackpot. When the issue happening on yourself, please do not change the agent, stay with the same agent until win the random jackpot. For instance, when you lose your deposit of RM5OO with the agent A, and then do shift to the Agent B to have the new deposit. As the newbie of the SCR888 casino is not allowed to trigger the jackpot.
If you are the new with the SCR888 casino of Agent A, you are able to play small bet for few weeks or a month, after that start trying to win the jackpot!

Find the Random Jackpot Slot in SCR888 Casino

In the SCR888 casino, that’s not every single slot games are including the random jackpot feature, but only some slots will do. In order to search the random jackpot slot of SCR888 casino, in-game you able to read the jackpot prizes on top of the screen of the game. Or the easier way, on the home page, every jackpot slot will show the prizes below the games’ icon.
The random jackpot prize will keep increasing until someone won it. Normally, the SCR888 jackpot prize will be triggered from the $17OO to $4OOO by someone. When the prizes are over than $4OOO, try to bet play with that game, as the SCR888 random jackpot prize will win by someone randomly, after that the prize will drop to $1OOO suddenly.
Change the game if happening, or play normally until the prize had to increase to $17OO.

Get the Good Timing to Trigger the SCR888 Random Jackpot

When is the great timing to win the SCR888 random jackpot? The greatest timing to trigger the SCR888 random jackpot is when the SCR888 jackpot prizes are kept increasing rapidly, it means the prizes are almost able to trigger. If you able to catch up, don’t be hesitate from wagering. It will miss the greatest chance of the SCR888 random jackpot prizes. Always remember, the newbie is not able to trigger the SCR888 random jackpot prize.

Win the Second SCR888 Random Jackpot

When you won the first SCR888 jackpot, and wanna to win another jackpot. You are able to shift to another agent or account to repeat the same thing. But not every online casino agent sites are trustable, some may not pay after you won the prizes. So, it is better to remain the same agent. It may be hard to trigger the SCR888 jackpot for the twice but you able to shift your SCR888 account to another device and continue the game.
Thus, you able to win from the trustable online casino site for the second time to trigger SCR888 random jackpot.


It will feel so good from winning the SCR888 random jackpot, but bear in mind, not just you are the one who tries to win the SCR888 random jackpot. Sometime you will not able to win the random jackpot. The SCR888 random jackpot is trigger after any conclusion of the game randomly. By keeping with the step, it will have the greatest chance of winning a SCR888 random jackpot. But first, find the trustable SCR888 Online Casino Agent Site.
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