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Live Games on Playtech Online Casino Malaysia

Playtech Online Casino

Playtech is the world best online casino developer. It is the world largest Online Gambling Supplier as well. Playtech casino is found in the year 1999s. They traded on the London Stock Exchange Main Market, offering the cutting-edge, value-added solutions to the industry’s leading operators.

Online Casino Malaysia

The online casino Malaysia is getting more attention from the people, especially Malaysia. Online casino is bought us convenient to play the casino games via the Internet. In the Malaysia, they just have a land-based casino. It is inconvenient to the people who stay far away. That’s the core benefit of the online casino to the Malaysian.

Products of Playtech Online Casino

Within the Playtech casino, there is a lot of types of the casino game developed by them. Like the Live Casino, Slot Games, Lottery, Online Bingo, Sportsbook, and more. Pass of the years, we found the people mostly play the live casino games by Playtech.

Live Casino Malaysia is the most interesting online casino game. It is the game with more interaction between the house and players. Both of them play the live game and communicate through the video screen. Live casino is a different experience of the casino game.

Within the live casino, the player able to select the dealer and wager to enter the lobby. There are more than 10 differences lobbies with difference dealer. Besides, there are few types of the casino table games serve to the Playtech player.

Live Roulette by Playtech Online Casino

The roulette is the highest return odds among the table games. It pays up to x36 per wager. The roulette gameplay of Playtech casino, they are using the European Roulette. It has a low house edge to the house. It is advantages to the players.

Live Blackjack by Playtech Online Casino

A maximum capacity of blackjack casino game is 7 players per lobby. That’s a lot of the blackjack’s gameplay, but they offer the most basic Blackjack on their Live Blackjack. Besides, they provide the side bet as well – Pair and 21+3. It is allowing the player to gain the chance of winning wager.

When player bet on Pair betting circle. House will pay when player’s hand has two same value cards. If the player bets on 21+3. In order to win the bet, the player’s hand must have three cards of 7 values.

Live Baccarat by Playtech Online Casino

Within the Live Baccarat on Playtech gambling site, that’s nothing special on the gameplay. But they have many others optional side bets. Like the Player’s Pair, Banker’s Pair, Perfect Pair, Big or Small. Those side bets are paying high winning odds to the player. It is attractive to the players to place the bet on the betting circle, they able to pay up to x200 odds.

Live Hold’Em by Playtech Online Casino

It is the interesting casino table game by the Playtech. The Hold’em is allowing unlimited players to join the lobby. Hold’em is one of the poker types game. It is the game against between house and player’s hand. But the Playtech display one hand for a player in the game.

The game, house will give two cards to player’s hand and two cards to themselves after wagered on Ante betting circle. Then the house will display three cards on the desk to let the player decide play or fold. When the player decides to continue to play the game, then place the bet on Call betting circle. Then wait to win the game.

Live Sic Bo by Playtech Online Casino

The Sic Bo casino game is popular in the Asian Market. It is an interesting casino game similar with the Roulette. The roulette is played with a ball spinning, Sic Bo is played with three dices to scoring. Players have to predict the scoring same as three added diced. For sure, that’s another betting circle to reduce the house edge allow the player has chances of winning a bet.


Playtech is the world best online gambling site. They have various casino games on the site, and experience like the real casino. Now, the gambling site is available on the mobile which able to download. With a unique ID of Playtech Online Casino Malaysia, you able to enjoy the casino games anywhere anytime.

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