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How to Play Blackjack: The Basic Rules | Live Casino Games Malaysia | Online Casino Malaysia

Blackjack Rules

A Brief Summary of Blackjack’s Basic Rules:

1. Hit

Players are required to place a bet on the table. Then, the banker would start distributing cards (cards will be distributed to players first) and each would get two cards initially. Players’ two cards will be facing upward, while one of the banker’s cards will be facing upward and another facing downward. K, Q, J, and 10 would all be counted as 10 points. The special one is that player can decide whether to count an A as 1 point or 11 points. The remaining cards ranging from 2 to 9 will be evaluated based on their original card values.

2. Value Comparison

The player would be considered getting a Blackjack with a card combination of A and 10, and the player would get compensated at 1.5x if the banker doesn’t have a blackjack. The other way round, the banker with Blackjack will take all player’s bets if the player doesn’t have one. In the situation where nobody has a Blackjack, banker and players would continue to take extra cards until the total sum of points getting closest to 21 points, but not exceeding it. Players would be defeated if the total sum of points are above 21 points and banker is allowed to take all player’s bets without revealing his card combination. If the banker has a total sum of points exceeding 21 points, then he needs to compensate the equivalent amount of bets to all the players. The banker is required to “Hit”, means taking an additional card, if his total sum of points is below 16 points.

3. Split

If a player has obtained two cards with the same amount of points, he can choose to split the cards into two. Thereafter, if the player still gets the third card with the same points, he can choose to continue splitting the cards. However, the fourth card is not allowed to be split even if the point is the same, but can only be counted as the second card of the first pair.

4. Double

If you already have two cards in hand, and you have the confidence to win against the banker, you can actually request to double your placed bets to heighten the excitement. Under this circumstance, the player is only allowed to take one additional card at most.

5. Insurance

If the banker has A as opened card, while a closed card is either 10, J, Q, or K, this makes a Blackjack and player will lose all his bets. The good news is that player is allowed to buy insurance under this situation. The insurance amount is half the initial placed bets.

(a) If the player chooses over insurance:

When banker gets Blackjack, player only wins the insurance;
When the banker doesn’t get Blackjack, the banker will take all the insurance, the game will be carried on with “Hit”.

(b) If the player doesn’t choose insurance:

When banker gets Blackjack, banker will take away player’s bets;
When the banker doesn’t get Blackjack, the game will be continued with “Hit” and all that.

How to bet on Blackjack?

It will definitely increase the speed of winning big if you bet big on Blackjack in the online casino, but of course, the fluctuation will be relatively higher as well. For instance: if you make a deposit of RM1,000 to two online casino companies – 123 Casino and ABC Casino and get 20% extra free bonus, which is RM200 each. The rollover requirements are that you need to achieve 10 times rollover before any withdrawal can be made. If you bet RM50 each round with 123 Casino, you only need to bet 40 times. Instead, if you bet RM1 with ABC Casino each round, you would need to play 2000 rounds before you can make a withdrawal request.
The Co-relationship between Bet Amount and Volatility
67% 95% 99%
ABC Casino (RM50 x 40 times) +/- RM158 +/- RM315 +/- RM473
123 Casino (RM1 x 2000 times) +/ – RM23 +/- RM45
+/- RM72
In 123 Casino, the chances to win from volatility between winning RM23 and losing RM23 is 67%, and the chances to win from volatility between winning RM72 and losing RM72 is 99%. In order to achieve the rollover requirements, you lose RM72, and another RM12 (RM2,000 x 0.6%) from the advances odds of 0.6% of the banker, in total you would lose RM84. Nevertheless, after taking into account of the extra RM200 free casino bonus you earn from 123 Casino, you still win RM116 after all. Assuming that you would bet 300 rounds every hour, it would require a total 6 hours to bet 2000 rounds. That said, you would earn an average RM20 per hour.
Under the scenario of ABC Casino, the chances to win from volatility between winning RM158 and losing RM158 is 67%, and the chances to win from volatility between winning RM473 and losing RM473 is 99%. To achieve the rollover requirements, you might lose a total RM473, plus the banker’s 0.6% advantageous odds, you would lose another RM12 (RM2,000 x 0.6%), which is a total RM485 in the loss. Therefore, you would still lose an RM285 even after taking into consideration of the RM200 that you earn from ABC Casino.
Based on the above, we can conclude that it’s necessary to be extra careful if you would like to earn free casino bonus to result in overall winning, best advised to bet smaller with more bets in quantity.
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