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Is Online Gambling Addiction Real?

Is online gambling more addicting then offline gambling?

According to research, there is really no distinction between the online gambling addiction when compared to the addiction in the regular casino. However, many people still wonder whether any one of these casinos could be more dangerous than the other.
When you place your bets in the online casino Malaysia, it is very likely that you will come across the ‘gamble responsibly’ warning in that casino. However, do you think that the gambler who wish to risk their money would even give any thought to this warning? Most online casino players have taken lightly in regards to the seriousness of online gambling. Therefore, you should take even more precaution when it comes to not letting ‘casual leisure’ turn into a ‘nasty addiction’.

Why can online gambling be more addictive?

There are many factors where it can contribute to online gambling addiction. Some of the wells know factors would include:


One of the major difference between gambling addicts in the land casino as compared to the online casino is that the gambling addicts would easily get spotted. This would mean that it is likely that they would spend several days at the casino and they would eventually get noticed by the staff, friends or even family members.
On the other hand, the online gambler is more difficult to get spotted. They are able to avoid being noticed because they can bet in places such as the home or at the workplace. Basically, with the use of their mobile smartphones, they would be able to avoid detection. Without being detected, nobody can provide valuable advice for them or even make them realize that they have a gambling problem. Their gambling habit is totally dependable on their self-discipline.

Online gambling is more addictive

The casino players who know that they have a gambling addiction would most probably make an effort to stay away from the casino for good. As for the online gambler, it would not be as easy as that because internet access is everywhere nowadays.
Almost everywhere that you go you will get to see a computer with internet access. Most importantly, your mobile smartphone is always connected to the internet. This would also mean that you are always within a touching distance from your next bet.


In most countries, online casino is forbidden. This would mean that most of the online casinos are actually registered with different countries whereby gambling is legal. However, it would be extremely difficult to regulate these operations as most of these online casinos are legitimate with the suitable gambling protection. Therefore, it is strongly advised that you stick to the online casinos that are well-known to you.

Easy to get started

Betting in the online casino is easy. All that is required are the mobile smartphones and the internet. Besides that, online casinos are also offering a wide range of incentives to hook the casino players to place the bets with them.
One of the bonus features would be providing a ‘free’ version of their games so that casino players will get used to placing their bets online. Whenever the casino players find success in these free games, they would get hook and assume that they can do the same when they bet with real money. However, this would not be necessarily true as the odds for the real casino games can actually favor the house. Therefore, you should not treat the result of the free game as the result when betting using real cash.

Disassociation with reality

To be honest, the internet is really good at multiplying the effect of the casino games. This would mean that the when betting on the internet, you will feel as if you are almost detached from the reality. Through a brief look at the internet chat or forum, you would probably see that people would comment that the ‘internet isn’t real’.
If you apply the same thinking into your online gambling, you could be making a huge mistake. In fact, online gambling is real and you can lose all of your money on your gamble as easily as in the land casino. In some way, the online gambling is more addictive. This is because you would not feel the pain when you lose money as you are dealing with casino credits and not cash or casino chips. This would mean that you do not feel the pain point as intense as gambling in the land casino.


When you are betting online, all you need to do is to turn on your computer or mobile smartphone. It is no longer necessary for you to get into your car and drive to the casino. The online casino will always be there whenever you are having a moment of weakness.


Basically, there is a whole list of reasons why the online casino gambling can be dangerous and extremely addictive for some casino players. Therefore, you would have to take serious note of the ‘gambling responsibly’ when you are placing your bets online.


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