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Betting with Online Casino Malaysia versus Gambling Den

gambling den

Despite a Muslim country, Malaysia is still highly regarded as a country with high rate of illegal gambling activities. Frequently, illegal gambling operators mask themselves with snooker center, whereby the real nature of the business is actually illegal gambling den behind the business. Some illegal operators even combine the operations of illegal gambling den and pub/bistro which makes it a perfect place for gamblers to bet. The only legal gambling operation in Malaysia is Genting Highlands, which is officially licensed by the Government of Malaysia to carry out gambling business locally. This is the reason why hundreds of illegal gambling operators are keen to share from the big pie as demand for gambling activities is far stronger than the supply of only one legalized casino in the country.
Over the years, a considerable number of online casino operators have emerged in the Malaysia online gambling market. The first question that might come to your mind is that: is online gambling/online betting legal in Malaysia? The answer is NO. However, the number of online casino companies in Malaysia is growing due to strong demand from the local gamblers. Let’s see what are the pros and cons between illegal gambling den and online casino:

1. Casino players are more secure betting with online casino than illegal gambling den

Very often, illegal gambling dens would get raided by the police force and players inside the shop would probably be detained by the police officers. Nevertheless, an online casino player totally has nothing to worry about getting caught as he/she can bet anytime or anywhere from a desktop or mobile devices.

2. Deposit and withdrawal are more convenient when betting with illegal gambling den

Usually, casino players make deposit and withdrawal transactions directly with the shopkeeper in an illegal gambling den. With online casino, an online casino player is required to complete these transactions through online banking services. Given the fast-growing banking services in Malaysia, I believe this is not a big issue to online casino players anymore.

3. Risks of not getting paid by online casino operators

Some of the online casino players might not get paid when they win big from an online casino company. The most recent case is an online casino player won about RM150k but didn’t get paid by the online casino company.

So, would you bet on a Malaysian online casino company or illegal gambling den? Make the smartest decision 😛
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