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NewTown Casino – The NewTown 2

NewTown Casino ntc33- The NewTown 2

The Collapse of NewTown Casino in 2015

Undeniably, NewTown Casino used to be one of the most played online casino games in Malaysia for quite some years. Many of the local casino players were so crazy about its live casino games and online slot games, and would rather walk away if any of the illegal gambling dens do not offer this game. However, NewTown Casino was removed from the Malaysian online casino industry in the September of 2015, forcefully by the local authority. We do not know the reasons, from what I have heard, it is highly private and confidential. This was a huge shock to many of the local casino players, as they liked NewTown Casino so much. This was even a huge disappointment to many of the NewTown Casino agents, because these agents rely on the product to make a living.
But very soon, people started to forget about NewTown. There are so many online betting products in Malaysia, anyone could get to play any casino games anytime. Players began to switch over to other betting products, such as 12Win Casino, Rollex Casino, SCR888, and many other products that offer similar slot games. This is considered the largest losses to NewTown as other products are taking over its market share. This has resulted in losses of more than millions ringgit a day, arising from the temporary shutdown of NewTown’s game server.

Growing Market Competition in the Malaysian Online Casino Industry

After the collapse of NewTown Casino, more and more online betting products have been introduced to the market, such as SCR888 Mobile Casino and 3Win8 Casino. There have been some changes in the players’ betting preferences. Nowadays, people like to bet online slot games, they hope to win big with small bet. Alongside the increasing popularity in smartphone usage, most of the online gambling products have been putting much efforts in developing their own mobile applications, especially IOS version. Most of the slot game developers understand the importance of mobile casino game applications, especially when the market competition is getting more and more intense. IOS mobile casino application is one of the biggest weaknesses of Playtech’s products. Not only NewTown Casino, but many other Playtech’s products do not support IOS operating system. Playtech’s game developers might not want to spend a single cent in developing IOS-supported casino games, simply because its market share is just too big to be taken over.
Today, there are more than thousands online gambling products being promoted in the Malaysia online casino industry, each of them would have different product features as well as pros and cons. Players always face the common problem: which online casino product should I play to win big? Honestly speaking, there is no absolute answer to this question. It depends on your own personal betting preference. Some people might prefer live casino games over online slot games, as they think live betting experience would be much more excited than digital ones. Some might prefer a mobile version over a desktop version, thus selecting those products which are more specialised in this part. In short, the entire market share has been diluted. Online casino operators also find it harder to compete with each others compared to the old days.

The Re-introduction of NewTown Casino

In the first quarter of 2016, there were rumours talking about the return of NewTown Casino amongst the local gambling communities. Of course, they would definitely not want to miss a share of the pie. Few months later, the rumours have been materialised – NewTown Casino makes its comeback to the stage. This time, NewTown has undertaken a slight rebranding-effort and changed its name to NewTown 2, seems like telling everyone that its current platform would not fail as the last one. It has even changes its core theme colour to the former green to the current red, which gives players a completely different kind of gaming experience. From my personal point of view, the previous failure of NewTown Casino did not come from the internal side, instead, it was due to unexpected circumstances which was totally beyond control. I would still say NewTown Casino is one of the best online casino products in Malaysia, mainly supported by its stable online betting system as well as attractive slot game combination.
Nevertheless, it is even harder now for NewTown to recoup its market share, due to the fierce market competition as we mentioned above. Plus, the NewTown 2 is not much different from the old one. Without IOS version, I think it is pretty hard for it to compete with other newly rising products such as Clubsuncity Casino and PlayBoy888. However, there are still a lot of loyal NewTown fans who have been showing their supports ever since the re-launch of NewTown Casino.
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