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Reveal the Truth About Mobile Online Slot Games

Mobile Slot Games Live Casino Malaysia 3Win8

Mobile Slot Games Are The Answer

For quite some years, online slot games have been the mainstream in the local online casino industry. People love to play it. With bet amount as small as RM0.01, you might be able to win away from more than millions of progressive jackpots that could possibly make you rich overnight. Who doesn’t want this? Most of the people would like to win big from online casino games, while some of them are just having fun for entertainment purpose. Day after day, online slot games have slowly transformed into mobile-based rather than desktop-based. During the old days (even when mobile slot games have already been introduced to the market), players prefer to play slot games on the desktop simply due to a larger screen as well as high resolution. However, the weaknesses of mobile slot games have disappeared alongside the growing advancement in technology.
Today is totally different from what you saw a couple of years ago. The majority of the slot game players in Malaysia nowadays are more towards mobile slot games. Even Facebook users, tend to spend more time on mobile rather than the desktop version. Every single game developer in the world has strived harder than ever to come out with their mobile games, so do casino games. As such, only those online casino products with the best mobile application features would possess potential to conquer the market. Let us take a quick look at some of the most popular mobile slot games in Malaysia below.

SCR888 Mobile Slot Games

SCR888 used to be a famous name for online slot games inside illegal gambling dens. It is well-known for its LAN network operational model that consumes much lesser internet data than live casino games. However, SCR888 Malaysia has also identified the potential of mobile slot games in the recent years. In the last quarter of 2015, SCR888 has first launched its Android mobile slot games, officially starting to venture into the local mobile slot game industry. Given overwhelming response towards its Android slot games, it has then launched IOS mobile slot games a few months later in 2016. Since then, SCR888 has become the most played mobile slot games in Malaysia for the year of 2016. Everyone is seeking to play its mobile slot games. It has literally created a new trend in the Malaysian slot game market.

SKY3888 Mobile Slot Games

Prior to the introduction of SCR888 mobile slot games, SKY3888 used to monopolize the local mobile slot game market for a period of time. Its success was mainly driven by its marketing efforts by introducing the Multi-level Marketing (MLM) agent structure to market its slot game products. This was a fresh concept in Malaysia. Back then, it was also the time when illegal gambling dens were forcefully shut down by the local authority for almost one year’s time. The timing was just nice. SKY3888 agents mushroomed all over the entire Peninsula Malaysia, thus making SKY3888 the most played slot games in 2015. SKY3888 has even developed its own B2C online betting site to promote its products. However, its market presence was then deteriorated by the introduction of SCR888’s mobile slot games. Having said that, SKY3888 is still one of the most popular mobile slot games in Malaysia nowadays.

3Win8 Mobile Slot Games

You might be questioning now: What are 3Win8 mobile slot games? 3Win8 is the latest mobile online slot games in Malaysia. It was launched in the April of 2016. Despite short operational track record, some of the players have started to recognize this product given its great product design, diversified game variety as well as simple game layout. 3Win8 is anticipated to be the next top mobile online slot games in Malaysia. I can see its number of players is growing. This is just a beginning. As we all know, every single product has a life. One of the reasons why SCR888 could become so successful is because it offers the highest winning payout amongst all slot game products in Malaysia. I believe SCR888 would slowly decrease its winning payout, at least back to a normal level if it has already secured a comfortable level of market share. In fact, this is already happening.
Just assume if that is real, what would happen if players start to lose money from playing SCR888 mobile slot games? They would switch to another similar product, just like 3Win8. 3Win8 incorporates all the popular slot games in Malaysia such as Highway Kings, Great Blue, Bonus Bears, WuKong, Silver Bullet, Captain’s Treasure, Tally Ho, and much more. It has more than what SCR888 can offer to you. I don’t see the reason why one shouldn’t play 3Win8 slot games, and it’s just the matter of time. 3Win8 helps to save a lot of time and resources as players can now play all the popular mobile slot games on one single platform. You don’t have to register multiple game ID just to player several slot games from different online casino products.
In addition, it is always easier to win a new slot game product than an older one. The new slot game provider is more likely to offer higher winning payout than the older product. This is a big chance for everyone who would like to win big from slot games. Once more and more players start to recognize the good about 3Win8, it will slowly become the favorite of all.
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