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Live Casino

What is the Live Casino? Live casino is one of the casino games in the online version casino. In the land-based casino, we called table games. The live casino games are one of the most famous casino games that many casino players love it, as it is the new and exciting experience of the casino games. The live game is including the Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Sic Bo and so on. Each table of the live games, there will be a human dealer hosting of the game similar to the land casino do.
Unlike the slot game casino such as SCR888, in the live casino, they will install a video cam in front of the table to show the dealer and cards on a desk. Through the video cam, the player not merely saw the dealer, the player also able to make the conversation with the dealer through the device.
The live casino’s experience is familiar with land-based casino table games, but the live casino is able to play everywhere as long as the player’s device connected to the stable internet. The live casino is a very interesting entertainment. Although it is a great entertainment, it has the advantage even the disadvantage of playing live casino.

Advantage of Playing Live Casino


Among all of the casino games, the live casino is the most interactive casino game. Since the live games having the video cam, the players able to watch the action of the dealer through their device’s screen. Besides the object on the screen, the players able to hear the sound of the game’s happening. The point of interaction of live game is the players are able to make the conversation with the dealer. It is the similar activity with the land-based casino, but the developer delivers this technology into the network environment.

Longer Play Session

Playing with the live games, the player able to use the same cost of a wager to play longer than the casino table game. The casino table game is the game similar to the live game but they are hosting by the IA not the human, so the IA will work quicker than human. But the live games and table games are not able to make the comparison, as both of them are providing the different experience to the players.
The players enjoy the casino game in order to fulfill their leisure time and entertainment. So, the live game able to achieve the satisfaction of the player’s enjoyment of casino game. The live game able to play longer doesn’t mean they hosting very slow, just they providing the service similar to the land-based casino do.


For the live casino, it will be the more exclusive offer, no matter compare to the land casino or table games. The gambling site offers the exclusive in order to get you to enjoy their service and live games. It doesn’t much different of promotion within live game and table. But both of their rebates, the live casino will be higher than the table games given. If make the comparison with the land casino, just the land casino didn’t offer any promotion but the live game did. The more exclusive promotion, the better experience of enjoying the games.

Disadvantage of Playing Live Casino

Need Internet Connection Device and Stable Internet Speed

It is getting better technology nowadays; the player even can play the live game via the smartphone. In the early of the generation, the player merely allows to play via the computer and most of them will experience the lagging internet network.
So far, each of the developers will operate with iOS and Android, but some of them allow the Android users only which will unfair to the iOS users. Besides, in order to play the live casino, your internet network must be run at least 10Mbps to enjoy the game well. If your internet network is running below than that, you will experience bad live games on your device, no matter how good your device is.

Higher Stakes

The live casino will offer the higher stakes than the video table game does, as the live casino is the high-cost operation, like hired dealer, equipment maintenance, and the studio renovation. So, the live casino developer limiting the minimum limit as low as $5 per game. In the video table game, you able to enjoy the table game with at least $1 per game.

Slower Play

As mentioned above, the human hosting the game will be slower than the IA does. While playing the live casino, the players are not able to select the speed of the games. It is depending on the dealer hosting speed, but usually, they will slow as they need to show the cards to the players in order to make it clearly.


Live casino games are the best casino games experience so far. Most of the casino games are likely to play alone but the live game providing highly interaction technology into the online casino market. If you had not played with the live casino games yet, now is the great opportunity for the new players to enjoy the games with the great bonuses offered.
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