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Live Casino Game versus Online Slot Game

Live Casino Online Slot Game

Frequently, an online casino product offers both live casino games and online slot games, for instances, 12Win Online Casino, Rollex Online Casino, LuckyPalace Online Casino, Crown Online Casino, etc. These online betting products have been highly accepted by the local online casino players mainly due to their diversity in casino game choices. Typically, each of these products offers live casino games including Live Baccarat, Live Roulette, Live Blackjack, Live Sic Bo, and Live Hold’em. As for Live Roulette, it’s nearly the same regardless of Asian Style (Pilipino) or European Style. These products also offer hundreds of online slot games such as Highway Kings, Great Blue, Silver Bullet, Captain’s Treasure, White King, etc. Notwithstanding the above, SCR888 Online Casino and Clubsuncity Online Casino offers only online slot games but not live casino games. Despite that, these products are still popular in the local online gambling market given their niche position in the slot games that are offered by them.
To play live casino games or online slot games, that’s the question. If I were you, I will most probably try my luck to win from live casino games. As we all know, table games at live casino games are mostly transparent and fair without any doubts that the operator would cheat on players. I’m not saying that online slot game lovers are deceived, but slot game payout is basically calculated based on some kind of freaking international payout formula, whereby players can only win if that particular slot machine (or player ID in the world of online casino) has achieved sufficient rollover before it will compensate players with big payout. In other words, this is just like a music chair, and see whether the big jackpot will fall on you or not. To me, this kind of betting mode is just not exciting enough. I would rather place a heavy bet on live casino game with 50/50 probability – Live Baccarat, in the hope to reap a big payout with one shot opportunity.
However, this totally depends on the betting preferences of online casino players. In general, online slot games still own the most number of online casino players in Malaysia due to its low minimum bet requirements. Be it live casino games or online slot games, all you have to do is bet with the best online casino platform provider.
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