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How to Win from Live Baccarat in Online Casino Malaysia?

Winning Live Baccarat

There is a wide range of Online Casino Malaysia products in the Malaysia online casino industry, for example, 12Win, Rollex, LuckyPalace, Crown, SCR888, Clubsuncity, and many more. Amongst these, only the first four products that provide live casino games, and the rest is only equipped with online slot games. Undeniably, Live Baccarat is one of the most popular live casino games within Malaysian online casino community. People usually ask: how can I win big from Live Baccarat with some kind of special betting strategy? Here’s a little trick for you.
I once got a friend who is just a big loyal fan of Live Baccarat who can play the card game 24 hours non-stop. And the odds that he wins from the game is like 7 out of 10 times. What?!! But this is a true story. I’m gonna share with you how he did that:

Round 1: Start betting with only RM20

You can bet either on banker side or player side based on your very own secret strategy. But remember, just place a small bet of RM20 for Round 1.
If you win from the bet result of Round 1, you would then have a total wager of RM40 (assuming that you bet on the player side but not the banker). The other way round, you would lose all your RM20 wager if you lost in Round 1. In a loss scenario, you need to try another round just like what you’ve done for the first round.

Round 2: Double your bet to RM40

Again, it doesn’t matter which side you bet on. But this time round you have doubled up the wager to RM40 and guess what? You would then have a total wager of RM80 (assuming that you bet on the player side but not the banker) if you manage to win in Round 2. Otherwise, you need to start all over again from Round 1 in a loss scenario.

For the following rounds: Continue you luck!

It would be very fortunate if you can win all the way for consecutive five rounds. By that time, your wager would grow from a mere RM20 to a total of RM640 after 5 consecutive winning rounds. Amazing isn’t it?


The beauty of this online betting strategy for Live Baccarat is “Win Big, Lose Small”. Considering that the odds of losing or winning consecutively are relatively smaller, but you would be compensated with larger return with the use of this betting strategy. My friend has used this online betting strategy for quite some time and manage to beat almost all of the online casinos in Malaysia that offer Live Baccarat card game. This is really a big casino secret that the online casino would never tell you.
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