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Gambling is a Threat or Fun?

Is the gamble harming people? Or it is a harmless entertainment? By most of the people’s vision, they believe the gamble is a bigger threat entertainment. But in my opinion, the gamble is a harmless entertainment, maybe I understand how to control myself from the gamble. In short, it is depending on personal opinion to determine the gamble.
In the early of the social, the gamble is created for a new and amazing entertainment which able to win small money. The true use of the gamble is to expense your leisure time and a little money to enjoy the moment with the gamble, as the gamble can be played solo, with friends or even the strangers.

Short Story of Gambling

In the earliest, the gamble was created in the Ancient of China. The first casino game is the Sic Bo, through the changing of the generation, the casino games had modified and created more and more until now. With the Casino Game, most of the table games and slot games are created by the western countries.
The people created gamble is to pass their time faster through the game but not for the money earning perspective. But in slowly, the people had treated the gamble as a money earning tools and slowly become the addiction on gambling.

Is the Gambling Right or Wrong?

That is nothing right or wrong with anything, but it is the way using right or wrong. As mentioned above, the gamble is created for the entertainment in the right way to control. Especially in this generation, most of the people had treated the gamble as an earning money tool, only a few of them have the entertainment perspective on gambling.
Gambling will be the wrong tool for you to earning money. In the Chinese, they had a sentence “10 games, 9 games will lose in gamble”. Most of the people winning from the gamble are rest on their luck, normally most of the winners are the banker.

The Lure of Gambling

Why some people have the gamble is the threat as perspective? Because the people believe that’s not easy to control well with the gamble. Why said so? As most of the people like to enjoy the entertainment with irritation but not hurting the body, and the casino games are suited for them. To gamble is to guess whether you able to win the games or not after wagering, with the real money the people only will tension from the game. Slowly they used to it to get this way for their entertainment and become gambling addiction.
Besides, the gamble will make you have extra money or lose the money. The gambling is the faster way of investment to get more money if you won the games, but it will make you lose the money faster simultaneously. It so lures from the gambling, that’s why a lot of the people have the failure life from the gamble. If the people understand well of controlling from gambling, it will always be fine from the gambling.

How I Treat Gambling?

In my opinion, the gamble has not good or bad as I had treated gamble as an entertainment. I always play the casino games with my leisure time, like when bored or toilet time. When it is an entertainment, you won’t play the casino games while accompanying with friends and family or even working hours and sleeping hours. I don’t use the gambling to become one of my money earning tools. Control the gambling well, and it won’t harm you.
In short, the gambling is not a threat or harmless fun. It is only depending on the ways of how you treat the gamble as your entertainment. If you well control of gambling behavior, it will be harmless entertainment, but if not well control, it will be threat entertainment.
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