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Blackjack Card Counting

Card Counting

In year 2008, Hollywood Blockbuster ‘21’ had its movie premiere and made the world aware of the card counting culture in land casinos. Everyone who has ever watched the movie would recall the glitz and glamour of the high rolling life that the casino players get to enjoy. The movie has created a surge of interest in the game of Blackjack and it has lead us to question the possibility in making serious money in the game of Blackjack. Is card counting really the secret technique that can lead to easy win in the casino?

Blackjack Card Counting

In fact, there are many books written on card counting and how to increase your winning odds in the game of blackjack. Card counting is a blackjack technique where casino players are able to use to change the odds in blackjack in their favor. To put it in simple term, the system is based on the fact that the ratio of high cards worth 10 or aces will bring a higher value to the player compare to low value cards. Casino players with higher value cards on hand will eventually have a higher chance in receiving more blackjacks.

Card Count to Win Blackjack

Getting blackjack in your game will lead to payout at 3 to 2 odds and the odds will be in the players favor with more tens at hand. Card counting depend heavily on the ratio of high cards to low cards in the deck. In order to card count effectively, casino players need to memorize the cards which have appear by giving each card a value and keeping a running total.

Card Counting Do Not Work in Online Casino

In reality, casino players do not need to master card counting system to win the game of blackjack. In fact, card counting will never work in online casinos as instead of real cards, the online casino rely on random number generator. The secret to winning blackjack in the online casino is to have a ‘winning strategy’ and using the online casino bonus to beat the small edge that online casino players have.
With the advancement of technology, there are some online casino players who are using robots like blackjack bots to take profit from the game without having to play a single hand themselves.

The Secret with Blackjack Bots

How blackjack bots work simply by identifying the casino cards from your PC screen and make a decisions based on the cards that you get and also the dealer cards. A decision will then be made base on the criteria of the strategy in the system. The greatest advantage of the bots are that they never get tired or emotional. Every game is executed perfectly to win profits at blackjack. Comparing to all the card counting in the casino, blackjack bots are a better and easier way to win the game of blackjack.

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