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Hand Mucking: Effectively Cheat in Blackjack

hand mcuking casino cheat

Hand Mucking

In the world of gambling, the word ‘Muck’ does come with various meaning and definition. In the game of Poker, the word ‘Muck’ can be defined as the heap of cards that are discarded. This is done when each player decides to fold or even throw their cards.
The dealer, on the other hand, will place out the unused or burned cards. The mucking of the discarded cards would be the best way to ensure that none of the other players can find out about your cards were a fraction of the plied hand. Whenever a player has not plied his/her cards, this action is also often referred as mucking. Apart from that, mucking would have another meaning when it comes to cheating at gambling and blackjack.
So, the burning question is whether mucking consider as a form of cheating?
The word Mucking would also carry several kinds of meaning when it refers to cheating. While in the game of blackjack or even any other kind of card games, mucking or hand mucking is often used for cheating by the players. This would be one form of agility of hand. Basically, the player will use this method to get the card that will be useful to him or her at the later part of the game. The hand mucking in card games would be useful for hiding some desired card by taking it away from the game.

How to perform hand mucking?

In any casino, one of the most used methods of cheating for players would be hand mucking. During the past, most of the casinos are not using security cameras and the security system was not so advance. In such a situation, the hand mucking method was very easy to carry out for the players who practice it. This is done by removing a certain card out of the table without being noticed. However, this action is still considered as a difficult task in the past. Even with the advancement of technology today’s, the hand mucking action is still difficult to perform today.
There is various kind of maneuvers that can often be used to store or remove the card once it was detached from the game. The player who cheats would unnoticeably place the cards in the pocket or even beneath the table. The cards that had been removed can be put back into the deck at a later moment. Using the blackjack as an example, the Ace can be removed by the player from the table. As the game proceeds, the player can switch his cards with the hidden Ace when he has a ten to create a blackjack.

Is hand mucking effective?

Hand mucking would be most effective in places where there is no high-tech security camera scanning the area. Given the high number of cases in the past, many casinos are well aware of the hand mucking cheating techniques. Therefore you may be easily caught if you plan to do it in the casinos. Apart from that, most dealers are also well trained to identify these tricks. Even if the dealer fails to spot your hand mucking, the cameras will surely catch you in the act within seconds. Besides that, the casino players also need to take into consideration of the pit manager who will be scanning the betting area at all times. In conclusion, if you would like to try out hand mucking method, it is best to avoid using it in the casino.


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