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If you are an avid fan of Poker Game, the online poker will be your next best option for some excitement anytime of the day. Most of the fans got interested in this game through watching the poker tournaments and competition on the television. Through these tournaments, they get to see the professional flaunt their strategies and tactics that enable them to win cash prizes up to the millions. Apart from that, the game of poker is also extremely thrilling at each hand of the game. The game of poker can be both a game of chance and also a game of skill depending on the strategy that you use.
If it is one of your dreams to become a poker professional and win millions in cash prices, it is time to dive into some serious practice. In fact, there are many free tutorials online where you can learn the real skill to win the game. Besides that, there is also poker school for those who want to make playing poker their full-time career.

The Types of Poker

When it comes to playing poker, the beginner would always get confused with the gameplay. One of the reason is that there are many variations when it comes to this game. Therefore, it would be advisable for you to master the following games before you even begin to play against other players. Some of the most famous types of poker game include Texas Hold’em, Omaha, 7-Card Stud and 5-Card Draw.
Before we go deeper into the topic, let’s us take some time to understand the ‘order of events’ in each of these games and see how they are ranked in terms of their frequency of play. Among all types of poker variation, the Texas Hold’em would be the most popular type of poker game. It is also the one that you used to see most in the competitions too.
The Texas Hold’em can be played among two people or even a large group of people. The game will start with a few ‘rounds’ of betting before the ‘hand’ which comes to an end. The game will often start with players receiving two cards facing down. This would follow up by the placement of five ‘community cards’ facing up in the center of the table. The players will then look at their cards and make their first bet. After making their bets, the dealer will then add three more cards to the community pile and another round of betting would occur. After that, another single community card is set on the table and more betting will take place.
When the final community card is laid on the table, the players will be making their last bets. After the last bet, anyone remaining must show their two original cards. The winner will be decided when the player with the highest hand will receive the pot as their prize.


The next popular game in poker will be the Omaha and this is a variation of the Texas Hold’em game. The game has four rounds of betting in total but the players will receive four ‘hole’ or face down cards. The community, on the other hand, will receive five cards to start. The players can only use two of their four cards to make their best hands. The one which has the highest (or lowest if you are playing Hi/Low) will eventually win the pot.
On the other hand, the 7-Card Stud does not feature community cards as with other variations. Instead, the players will receive five cards facing down and four cards facing up through a series of betting rounds. The goal of this variation is to build the best hand possible with seven cards given during the hand.
The 5-Card Draw will function in a similar way with players making a bet. The players will receive 5 cards face down and work to build the strongest hand possible through a series of bets.


 So far, we have covered some of the most famous variation in Poker. In order to play well in poker, you must have a betting strategy and put in constant practice to improve on the game. Some of the experienced players will suggest using visualization technique while playing the game. Besides that, they also recommend the beginners to visit the online casino Malaysia website to learn about the tutorials that can help with their poker hand.


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