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Benefits of Using Auto Play Feature | Online Slot Games | Online Casino Malaysia


What is the auto play? In the Online Casino Malaysia, auto play is a feature inserted in the slot games machine and even the online slot games to make it plays automatically. For the slot games, the Autoplay button normally will locate beside the Play button. The Autoplay feature has separate into few different operation, but the objective of the feature is to play the games automatically.
One is the non-stop Autoplay. This type of auto play, once the players active and it will start to play automatic until the play stop the feature. If not, the games will continue auto spinning until the balance had become empty only will stop itself. Next one is the number of games selection. This auto play feature allows the player to set a number of games to want to play automatic. It will stop itself when the system had achieved the number of limits or will stop itself when the balance had empty. Those two features are the most common auto play feature among the slot games, that’s also having other types of the feature out there.

How to Use AutoPlay Feature

Before the players start actively the auto play feature of the games, the players must adjust the wagering level and the number of lines properly. Because once the auto play features active, it will use the current setting to bet automatically. Of cause, if the players had setting wrong, the players able to stop the feature and reset the wagering then continue the auto play feature again.
In the SCR888 online casino, they merely have the non-stop auto play. They don’t allow the players to set the number of games to play automatic. So, the players must keep the eye on the screen, don’t let the balance become empty or something else. The SCR888 casino will stop the auto play feature for a while when the games had triggered the bonus games. Once the bonus games session end, the SCR888 casino will continue the auto play feature until the players had to stop the feature.

Benefits of Auto Play Feature

Everything has the advantage and disadvantage. When goes to auto play feature, it also had the benefit as well. The auto play will bring the best benefit of slot games to the player.

Benefit of Convenient

The first and common benefit is convenient. The idea of auto play is providing easy and relax while playing the game itself. Since the auto play will help to spin the games automatically, so the players do not need to keep pressing the Play button to play the games. If the player plan to play the game in long-term, this feature is suitable for those players.
For certain slot, when trigger the bonus games and the auto play will assist in the bonus games to play automatically in order to deliver the best service of the auto play feature. By this reason, the auto play is highly recommended, but the benefits don’t stop here.

Benefit of Not Interrupting the Flow

With the slot game, the common superstition of people believe is not to stop the games when you are winning streak and just keep going with the rhythmic motion. But what if you have to go washroom or something else have to settle? This is where the auto play feature can come into the situation. The autoplay won’t interrupt the motion of playing the slots, it will continue spinning after any conclusion of a game. With the autoplay, the player able to free the device and get the own problem done then continue with the slots.

Disadvantage of Auto Play Feature

Since everything has the bad issue, of cause the auto play as well. Playing auto play in the slot games, it may be costly when you are not careful with the balance account. Especially in the SCR888 casino, it merely has the non-stop auto play. What if you are not careful with the balance, it may play until the balance is empty. So, when using the auto play, always alert with the balance of an account.


Overall, the auto play feature is still very useful to the casino players. It has not must harmful issue affect the games and players as well. Most of the casino video games are able to found the auto play feature even arcade games.
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