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What Can I Do Against Bad Online Betting Site?

Blacklisted Bad Online Casino online betting site

 Online Gambling Site

It is a sad truth but sometimes, players would not get compensated by some of the bad online betting site companies, especially when they win a large amount of cash from live casino games or sports betting. The default in payment might be caused by several factors, one of which is that the bad online casino company has a limited scale of operations that is incapable of making such a large payment to the customers. Under another scenario, most of the time the online casino company refuses to pay simply because they do not want to pay. How does this even happen? Let us reveal more insights about the online casino industry in Malaysia.

How Does an Online Betting Site Work in Malaysia?

In Malaysia, online casino is a virtual gambling platform that offers online betting services to the public that includes a variety of games such as live casino games, online slot games, sports betting, lottery, racing, financials, and any other betting games that you can ever imagine To deal with an online casino company, a person is required to register an official member account then make a deposit to the designated bank accounts in return for game credits. Most of the online betting sites support payment method for mainstream bank panels in Malaysia, including Maybank, CIMB, Public Bank, Hong Leong Bank, and RHB Bank. Some online betting sites even offer a convenient way for customers to obtain game credit – purchase top-up cards from agents with cash term. For withdrawal transaction, the online betting site will instantly transfer the equivalent amount of funds into the player’s registered bank account based on the market practice. Everyone would like to win big, just like you and me. However, most of the people worry about the credibility of an online betting site, resulting in a lack of confidence towards the entire industry. This is also one of the reasons why Ministry of Gambling is set up to provide regular reviews and ratings on online casino companies.

Why Do Online Casino Companies Refuse to Pay?

Some cases have been reported in the newspaper saying that police report is lodged in relation to default in payment by some of the online casino companies in Malaysia.  As a matter of fact, there could be several possible scenarios when an online betting site to make payment to customers. Firstly, the online betting site might have detected abnormal gambling activities related to the customer account. But, how could they define abnormal gambling activities? In the world of online sports betting, abnormal gambling activities are referring to the abnormal sports tickets (so-called ghost tickets in the street) placed by a player, with the ultimate purpose to secure a guaranteed win in that particular soccer match. Such player is making use of insider sports betting tips from some international syndicated groups who always manipulate the final result of a soccer match by bribing the soccer players or even the coach. In fact, such abnormal ticket is the only tip of an iceberg. The entire thing behind is totally beyond our expectation. Facing with such abnormal sports tickets, an online betting site will usually suspend the player’s account and refuse to make any payment upon withdrawal request. From a neutral standpoint, such abnormal bets are really unfair to the online betting service providers. No one can blame the online casino company under such scenario, but the player himself.
There are thousands of online betting sites operating in the country, but only a handful has a sizeable scale of operations amongst all. Most of the online casino companies are start-up companies with limited available funds to run the business. Just imagine, what would you do if a player strikes the big jackpots amounting RM1,000,000, while you only have RM100,000 working capital in hand as the online betting service provider? Most of the service providers would rather shut down their business than paying to customers. Please bear in mind, online casino businesses are illegal in the country without the back of any license from any authoritative department, therefore everything is completely off the record. Without the existence of the Malaysian online casino review sites, players would not be able to judge the good or bad of an online betting site.
Under the last scenario, an online betting site might refuse to make payment to the customer even if they have sufficient funds to pay. Many of the online casino companies do not care about their market reputation. With more than 30 million population in the country, such an inferior online betting site does not worry about the loss of a small group of players due to its misconduct, but it would tackle the rest of the target market to continue expanding its online casino business. A victim is not able to do anything since the online casino business is not even officially recognized in the country. It seems like the online casino companies have more bargaining power than the casino players, but this is not the truth.

Dishonest Online Casino Players

We have talked much about the cases of bad online casino in the previous section. How about the negative side of online casino players? In fact, many of the online betting sites have had a bad experience with dishonest online casino players who have been attempting to make a windfall fortune by cheating the online casino company. One of the examples would be using fake bank deposit slip to claim for free casino game credit, and such cases are happening almost every day! Nowadays, online casino companies are highly aware of such fraudulent actions by dishonest online casino players, while additional precautions have been taken to prevent this from happening. I got to say this is an old-fashioned way to cheat an online betting site, and that would be a bad idea if you still decide to do so. As far as we know, there is a group of dishonest online casino players in the form of the syndicate, trying to whack online betting sites with awful photoshop skills on a daily basis. They can only make successes when the customer service representatives of an online casino company are too reckless to cross check the false bank deposit slips during peak hours. We strongly discourage anyone to do so, as the consequences are totally beyond your imagination once it has been found out by someone in the industry.

What Can I Do Against Bad Online Casino?

Please drop your idea to lodge a police report at the nearest police station because you would also be liable as an online gambler unless you have an extraordinary strong connection with the police force and you can just walk out of the front door like nothing ever happened before. Most victims would rather not to do this. Well, there is an alternative if you are not getting compensated by the bad online casino companies – submit a negative review against the online betting site on Malaysian online casino review site. Such a bad online casino company would then be blacklisted to create awareness within the local online gambling communities. Most of the time, you would not be able to recover the losses either way. So why not you do good deeds by sharing your experience with the public, to stop someone else from getting hurt again? With market power, we believe there are always chances to enhance the market practices as well as industry cultures and to make things right again. We strongly encourage victims to speak up their bad experience dealing with any bad online casino in the past or present. I always believe in a famous quote: “Together, we are stronger!”
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