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Atlantis Queen Slot Game | SCR888 Online Casino | Online Gambling Malaysia

Atlantis Myth Story

Atlantis Queen Slot is the myth story in the Aegean Sea, and it is really famous story in the world. It is a story based on the island of Santorini in the Aegean Sea near Greece. But through the story, the Atlantis city had been destroyed and now the city is sinking in the deep ocean in the real world. In this generation, we believe the Atlantis people are the human mix with fish tail and become like mermaid. The Atlantis is the most attractive myth story in the world, as we still have not much idea with the Atlantis true story.

Atlantis Queen Slot

By the Atlantis myth, the Playtech had built the Atlantis Queen as the casino slot games become a product, which is now available in the SCR888 casino gambling site. They had design the game similar to the Atlantis story, but they using the mermaid become a queen of Atlantis as the main character of the Atlantis Queen slot. The Atlantis Queen is 25 lines slot. The game is design with the amazing sound effect and the great graphic animation of the mermaid.

Valuable Symbol of Atlantis Queen

The Atlantis story, they have use the Atlantis portion to become the symbol of the game. With the higher value of the symbol of Atlantis Queen slot has the two fishes with different color, shield, treasure chest, stone statue of Atlantis King, the female mermaid (Atlantis Queen) and the Atlantis Temple. Playtech use those elements to form the amazing symbols of the game, and it has sequence from the low value to the highest ones.
Besides, as the symbol above does not meet the fulfillment of the number of symbols, so they include some of the poker card ranking 9, 10, J, Q, K and Ace to meet the fulfillment. The poker symbols are not the portion of the Atlantis, so they become the most lower value symbol of the game.

Special Symbols and Special Feature of Atlantis Queen Slot

In every slot games, they will include the wild and scatter symbols into the game. In the Atlantis Queen slot, the mermaid is presenting as the wild symbol, it can make the substitution for all symbols except the scatter. It replicates in order to join a winning combination before the prizes are award. But the wild symbol only will appear on the reel 2, reel 3 and reel 4.
The scatter behaviors are different from other. The scatter wins are multiply by the total bet of the games. And the wins are pay anywhere of the screen, as long as scatter appear two or more, if scatter wins by three or more symbols will trigger the bonus game.

Greatest Bonus Games with Atlantis Queen Slot

In the Atlantis Queen slot, they offering two different types of the bonus games with the amazing winning prizes. There are the Pearl Bonus and Atlantis Temple Bonus.

The Pearl Bonus

In order to trigger the bonus, the screen need to have wild symbol appear on reel 2, reel 3 and reel 4 at the same time. In this bonus, the game will pick nine pearl randomly to receive the prizes. Inside the shell, there are three different pearl, either gold, silver or bronze. Each of them are containing the different prizes.

The Atlantis Temple Bonus

When the screen appears three or more scatter anywhere, it will trigger the Atlantis Temple Bonus game. The game is to pick the number of free games, multiplier, extra scatter and extra wild. It is start from the bottom row stone to reveal your prizes.
            Each row contains a different prize
          The first row is the number of free games.
          The second row is the level of the multiplier.
          The third row is the extra scatter symbol.
          The fourth row is the extra wild symbol.
For each pick, you win a prize and 1 of 4 options
          Collect all prizes in the picked column,
          Pick another prize in the row above,
          Pick another prize in the same row,
          Collect the prizes and continue free games.
The Atlantis Queen Bonus is not able to re-trigger during the free games, but when the Atlantis King Stone Statue appear anywhere on reel 3, will award extra 3 free games with initial multiplier and the symbols.


The Atlantis is the great myth story, meanwhile it is the interesting slot game in the SCR888 casino. In game, they will give the bonus. And in the SCR888 casino, they will give the bonus to the casino players to enjoy the game. Register an account from us to enjoy the greatest bonus which over 100%. 
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