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An Introduction of Asia Gaming Online Casino (AG Suite)

An Introduction of Asia Gaming Online Casino (AG Suite)

Asia Gaming Online Casino

Asia Gaming is one of the most famous online casino developers in the Asia. It was founded in 2012, with the most professional and innovative thought. Asia Gaming Casino had created the number of gaming experience, including the world’s first Pre-dealing 6 cards, VIP Private Room, Squeeze Baccarat, and the Interactive Bid Baccarat. Those bring a lot of the surprises for the Asia Gaming Casino. Thus, Asia Gaming Casino becomes the most innovative gaming software developers in Asia.

Online Casino Malaysia

The Online Casino Malaysia is the greatest entertainment that allows the gamblers to play the casino games on online. In this coming 10 years, there are over millions of the Malaysian gamblers played the online casino games. That’s an interesting entertainment to play at home.

Besides the Asia Gaming Casino, that is others online casinos developer in the Malaysia, including the Playtech Online Casino. But the Asia Gaming Casino is a successful online gaming developer in the Asia, as well as the Malaysia. Much of the online gamblers enjoyable with the Asia Gaming Casino.

Amazing Casino Games Offered by Asia Gaming Online Casino

Within the Asia Gaming Casino, they are offering much of the online casino, including the Live Games and e-casino games. There are not much of the online casino developers provide the Live Games on the gambling site. It is costly and difficult to organize the system of Live Games. But AG Casino did it.

Although the e-casino games are not really interesting on gameplay. But there is the most played casino game in the Malaysia. It is the benefit to the AG Casino. The e-casino games are including all of the casino games like a simple video game.

Live Games on Asia Gaming Online Casino Malaysia

As mentioned above, the Live Game is the main casino product of the Asia Gaming Casino. The Live Game is a casino game played with the real human between a screen. It is more interactive.

The studio of the AG Casino is located at the Philippine. They built a wide area of the studio due to installing the desk as much as possible. As the AG Casino is offering a various lobby feature on the gambling site.

In those lobbies, there are including many types of the casino game, like the Classic Baccarat, VIP Baccarat, Bid Baccarat, Dragon Bonus, Insurance Baccarat, Sic Bo, Roulette, Dragon Tiger, Live Dealer Blackjack, and Bull Bull. The games may not appear in each of the lobby, just certain.

AGQ Lobby

The AGQ is the most common lobby in the Asia Gaming Casino. It includes most of the Live Games in the AGQ lobby. Currently, AGQ lobby has 10 plus live dealer tables. They are the Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Sic Bo, and Roulette. Those are the most popular table games in Asia.

It is allowing the online gamblers to experience the fresh online casino game. The rules of the game had designed with the origin table game. So, the gambler doesn’t need to spend too much of the time to learn about the game.

AGIN Lobby

AGIN lobby is the most popular online live game in the world. The point of the lobby is to speed up the progress of the game. It allows the gambler to use a little time to place the bet, so can finish the game rapidly.

In the AGIN lobby, the AG Casino includes the Classic Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Insurance Baccarat, Dragon Bonus, and Roulette. This lobby is interesting for the gambler who like to play the game rapidly and unwilling to waste the time.

Bid Lobby

This is the most interesting lobby ever in the AG Casino. The interactive Bid Baccarat offers a unique variation to the traditional baccarat. In the lobby, the gambler able to play the baccarat game with the English dealer and Chinese Dealer.

The Bid Baccarat created a strong cut card feature of the system. Means the gambler allow to cut the card through the system on the screen. But only the highest wager of the player allows doing the action. Then enjoy the 20 seconds of the amazing cut card function.

VIP Lobby

The lobby sound like glorious. Yes, the lobby allows the player to over control. The VIP players able to privatize table, but need a large amount of the wager to enter the lobby. In the lobby, the player has the power to the pacing of each game, enjoy the exclusive functions of squeezing cards, changing dealer, and shuffling whenever they wish.

But the lobby doesn’t allow the players to select every game, just include the Classic Baccarat, Dragon Bonus, Insurance Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, and Roulette. So, in the VIP Lobby, the players able to do the action on those Live Games.

Multi-play Lobby

The lobby allows the player to win the money rapidly. As AG Casino allows the player to pick more than one casino game to play at the same time. They don’t limit the number of the table the player picked. But the type of the game had limited. It includes the Classic Baccarat, Insurance Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Dragon Bonus, and Roulette.

Above five are the lobbies provided by the Asia Gaming Online Casino.

The E-Games by Asia Gaming Online Casino

XINGaming is managing the slot games of AG Casino and create the exclusive games to AG Casino. They are offering over 50 slot games, 20 table games, and 10 video poker games in the gambling site. The e-games are tailored-made to deliver the best gaming experience to slot game fanatics.

Mobile Platform of Asia Gaming Online Casino

In order to convenient to the player, the AG Casino build the mobile platform of the gambling site. There are two types of the mobile platform, one is the HTML 5 and another one is the mobile application.

The HTML5 allows the players to play the AG Casino game without any download and install, some more it is supporting on every device (at least connectable to the internet.) But the only thing is to loading into the page and enjoy the game.

Lastly, the mobile application sound more familiar. Most of the people like to download the application due to the convention. The mobile application allows the player to enjoy the casino on the go, cross-platform technology for mobile and tablet. The most important is the innovative designs and user-friendly navigation.

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